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А Christmas Wish Box  
(an invitation)
“What is the idea here?” someone will ask.
“I do not get the task.”
I will explain here quickly and in brief,
Because I need to put on make-up
And get all dolled up.
Well, here, in this yellow box, you see,
Drop a wish, or two or three.
Small kids, big kids, grown-ups (always busy)
Write it down or whisper in my ear.
I promise, I will hear.
I wish for you, for mummy, daddy, sis or brother,
For hairy pets and others.
For you, for me, for friends and foes,
For people at distant train stops, ports.
You can tell me your name, but that is only if you want.
You can tell me your age if you can count
Or you can keep it secret – no one will keep account.
Choose your language – that is clear.
People are from far and near.
The alphabets are different here.
And then, we’ll read them the whole year.
And at the end of next year we’ll get down to work and draw the line:
Have the wishes come true?
Are we better, happier or are we still blue?
I do believe that wishes will come true,
But only if you’re honest and you speak your heart.
Wish for you, for me, for everyone,
But not for toys and money only, hun’.
Because I can do just very little:
To make you smile and throw my coloured light.
I am a lantern after all. That’s all.
I’m not a box for useless buttons and small coins.  
At Christmas miracles come true
And one of these miracles is you!
With all my love
The Curious Glass Lantern
This is from the Curious Glass Lantern, and now a more detailed explanation:  The idea of ​​the Christmas Wish Box is that by Christmas everyone can send a wish or more. Read it to your children. Whether that happens, is up to you. There will be a box for children and adults. They will be published on the Peppermill Books website and will be there throughout the year. We will publish your wishes without censorship. They can be anonymous. If you wish, send them to the publisher's e-mail: peppermillbooks@gmail.com
If you wish, write them as a message or as a comment. It wiil be great if we collect them quickly so that we can help each other have a happier Christmas and be more hopeful for the next year. Do read the verse to your children and let tnem say freely what they want for themselves, for their loved ones, for the world in which we live in. Children can do it. If children can, so can you. You can also write to us personally. They can be in any language. Everything is possible, as long as we are open and as long as the wishes come from a good place.

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